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We at Expedited Pardons and Waivers of Canada are here to help you erase the impact of old matters that occurred many years ago when you were in a different state of mind. Don't allow the past to continue to affect your present and future. Be proactive and let us help you regain your freedom.

We provide expert solutions for Canadian citizens with criminal records who want to obtain a Pardon (Record Suspension), or an expungement of an old arrest file, or anyone looking to simplify the process of obtaining a US waiver. Our dedicated professional staff have many years of actual legal experience providing these services and more, to Canadians from all over the country.

Our commitment to you is to provide superior service, and obtain your Pardon and Waiver documents in a timely and efficient manner, so you can continue to lead more fulfilling and productive lives without your past mistakes coming back to haunt you, as they already may have.

Recent changes in Canadian law and U.S. Homeland Security practices have made obtaining Pardons and Waivers even more daunting and confusing than in previous years. We will take the hassle away and expedite the process for you. We will save you time and money.