The Laws Have Changed 
The Canadian Laws regarding Pardons were recently changed by Bill C-23A, \93An Act to amend the Criminal Records Act\94 , also known by its Short Title as \93Limiting Pardons for Serious Crimes Act\94 This Bill has received Royal Assent and is now the law, but the second part of the legislation Bill C-23B entitled \93An Act to Amend the Criminal Records Act and to make Consequential Amendments to other Acts, or as it is also known \93Eliminating Pardons for Serious Crimes Act\94 has not yet been proclaimed in force. It is expected to be made the law in the very near future.

These recent changes in Canadian laws and U.S. Border practices have made applying for a Canadian Pardon (Record Suspension), an Arrest Record Expungment, or a U.S. Entry Waiver even more challenging, time consuming, and complicated than in previous years.

U.S. Customs officers now routinely conduct computer checks to determine whether there are any prior convictions on file, and they will refuse you entry or arrest you, or seize property for ancient convictions that you may have long forgotten about regardless as to how seemingly innocuous they may have been, but that still appear on your record.

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