Benefits of a Pardon 
Most of us know the term Pardon. This is now officially referred to as a Record Suspension.
Obtaining a Pardon will remove obstacles affecting employment, schooling and education, working with vulnerable sector persons, (either the very young or very old and disadvantaged) and your ability to be bondable.

It may also affect such things as custody or access rights with respect to children in a divorce proceedings or custody battles, career advancement and promotions, applying for citizenship, refugee status, or landed immigrant claims.

Many employers now routinely conduct local and/or federal criminal record searches before hiring. If they discover your criminal record, no matter how old, it will negatively affect your chances of getting hired. Even if you are a subcontractor, the company you are contracting with may insist on a criminal record or background check as part of its standard procedure.

Criminal record searches are also often required by law for people wishing to be volunteers. Unfortunately, most organizations will not even allow you to volunteer if you have a criminal record.

Standard rental application forms often ask if you have a criminal record. You may find it difficult to find a place to live if you have a criminal record.

Perhaps the most important reason of all is freedom from your past and the bondage of a criminal record, no matter how old. Many people have made mistakes in their younger years and yet they are still burdened by the old record even though they have changed as people and are now good law abiding citizens. Removing your criminal record will free yourself of the stigma and shame associated with a criminal past. With a Pardon, your integrity and character will no longer be questioned or rumours whispered by co-workers and others behind your back.
The Process 
To obtain a Pardon takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to obtain. There are no shortcuts. We at Expedited Pardons and Waivers Corp. guarantee to work diligently and efficiently to process your Pardon Application quickly and effectively at a fair price, with a minimum of inconvenience and hassle to yourself. Our fees are reasonable and affordable. For those who require it we have affordable installment plans.

We take the hassle away and do everything for you. All you need to do is attend for fingerprinting at a designated location close to your home.

It is advisable to start your application now because it takes time to obtain. There is no advantage in procrastinating
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