Planning on travelling to the U.S.? 
It is illegal to attempt to enter the U.S. with a criminal record, unless you have appropriate immigration status or you have a U.S. Entry Waiver. Please note, a Canadian Pardon is not accepted by the U.S. Customs and Border Services and will not grant you access into America.
Haven't Been Caught Yet? 
Even though you may have crossed into the United States many times with a previous Canadian Criminal Record, you have just been lucky. Due to recent global terrorism and and paranoia it is becoming more common for U.S. immigration officers to conduct detailed inquiries including computer criminal record searches.
Once your record has been discovered you will be flagged in the U.S. computer system, denied access to the United States and prevented from crossing over the border without the appropriate U. S. Entry Waiver documentation having been issued to you.
If you try to cross over the border without the appropriate Waiver documents you are subject to imprisonment, having your possessions including your vehicle impounded, and the associated costs involved.
Why take a chance 
Save yourself the embarrassment, cost and hassle of being stopped at the border and turned back or arrested, especially if you are with a group of people, or travelling on a family vacation. We at Expedited Pardons and Waivers guarantee to process your application quickly and efficiently at a fair price, with a minimum of inconvenience and hassle to you.
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